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Drug War Contractors Misplace Millions

September 11th, 2012

Major holes in accountability allow private contractors for the DEA and Defense Department to siphon millions into personal accounts. According to Washington, “that’s the only way we can do it.”

Drug War Contractors

A week after an international panel came out saying the American Drug War has failed the United States Senate came to a similar conclusion. A commission headed up by Senator Claire McCaskill found that the level of drug war spending is unjustifiable. McCaskill said, “It’s becoming increasingly clear that our efforts to rein in the narcotics trade in Latin America […] have largely failed.” » Read more: Drug War Contractors Misplace Millions


Oh, the Irony! Connecticut Criminalizes Fake Pot.

July 2nd, 2012

Within days of decriminalizing the real thing, Connecticut lawmakers are making possession of synthetic cannibal and legal saliva a crime.

Synthetic Marijuana

In case you were unaware, on June 8th Connecticut passed SB1014, to decriminalize pot or as the bill puts it a “non-criminal violation”. This means anyone caught with under a half ounce of pot is subject to a ticket and fine similar to that of a speeding ticket. This is another big victory against the drug war, and the Connecticut legislature deserves praise.
Before this bill was even signed by the governor, however, the Connecticut Senate had started working on a bill that would criminalize possession of synthetic pot. Synthetic pot is made to simulate the effects of pot, but until March was not regulated by the government. In March, the Federal Government reclassified synthetic pot as a schedule 1 controlled substance. This is the same level of restriction placed on heroin, meth, and real pot. The bill to legalize pot was passed only after Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman stepped in to break the 18-18 tie. The bill to make synthetic pot illegal, on the other hand, passed 36-0. » Read more: Oh, the Irony! Connecticut Criminalizes Fake Pot.


Marijuana Drug testing; when should you avoid it?

March 13th, 2012

Marijuana, also known as Cannabis Sativa, is considered to be one of the most used stimulants next to coffee and tobacco since marijuana is also safer than the two. Experts say that marijuana is the easiest detectable drug in a drug test because of the fact that marijuana is not a real drug and so it acts unlike it. As we know, marijuana can stay up to a minimum of days and a maximum of months and so the last thing you need at this point of time is a drug test. Marijuana is the least known substance to be harmful but it also the most likely reason why you will fail your next drug screening.
Marijuana Testing
If passing the test means keeping your job, then you have to be a hundred percent sure that you will pass. Always try to estimate the time marijuana will be expelled from your body from the time you used it. Several factors can contribute to the timeline of marijuana in your system, some of which are your diet and daily exercise. » Read more: Marijuana Drug testing; when should you avoid it?


Super High Me, Super Entertaining

August 23rd, 2011

Comedian Doug Benson documentary Super High me is a lighthearted look at the medical effects of marijuana use.

Super High Me

Doug Benson was voted as High Times second best stoner comedian in American, behind only Bill Maher. From the very beginning Super High Me sets itself apart from the normal marijuana documentary. Super High Me opens with a joke. Doug is on stage in a comedy club and he says, if a movie about a guy eating hamburgers for a month is a movie, he is going to smoke weed for a month and call it Super High Me or “business as usual.” After he tells the joke, he explains that after his act a movie producer came up to him and convinced him to actually do it.

» Read more: Super High Me, Super Entertaining


Canadian Judge may have Legalized Marijuana

August 17th, 2011

In response to Canada’s severely flawed medical marijuana system, Judge Donald Taliano found that prohibition itself was unconstitutional.

Legalize Canadian Marijuana
The drug war has long made a mockery of the American Justice System.  In Canada however, the Justice System is making a mockery of the War on Drugs.  Canada has had a system of medical marijuana in place for several years. On April 12 of 2011, Judge Donald Taliano of Ontario heard the case of R. v. Mernagh.  Matt Mernagh is a Canadian medical marijuana patient who has been treating his fibromyalgia and seizures for years.  Unfortunately he was unable to find a doctor who was willing to sign the paperwork to allow him to legally use marijuana.  The police then raided Matt’s house and seized all the plants he was growing for his own use and charged him for growing without a license.

» Read more: Canadian Judge may have Legalized Marijuana


What We Learned from Prop. 19’s Failure

July 28th, 2011

In 2010 the California ballot initiative to legalize recreational use of marijuana failed. What lessons have we learned to help us succeed in 2012?

Legalize Marijuana

In November of 2010 California voted 54% to 46% not to legalize marijuana. This came as a devastating shock to the war on the drug war, as many polls had it passing. Within hours of its defeat, however, plans were being made to try again in 2012. Looking back on what happened in 2010, what can be done differently to guarantee our success?

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Canada’s Marijuana Church

July 12th, 2011

Like marijuana? Hate clothes? Canada’s Church of the Universe could be for you.

Canada’s Marijuana Church

The Assembly of the Church of the Universe was founded by Walter Tucker in 1969 in Ontario. The Church of the Universe treats marijuana as a holy sacrament and encourages use among its member. The church believes that marijuana is the sacred tree of life spoken of in Psalms and Revelations. The Church also promotes nudity as a means to end gender discrimination. They see this practice as deriving from Genesis as well as that Adam and Eve were nude prior to the original sin. » Read more: Canada’s Marijuana Church


Marijuana in the Movies

July 4th, 2011

While Hollywood has had their share of Refeer Madness they have also produced pro-pot classics like Fast Times at Ridgmont High. Try picking out of the following films to show at your next social sativa event.

Marijuana in the Movies

The movie’s that come out of Hollywood these days are all across the political spectrum. What every your interest is there is a movie for you. For those of you interested in watching the screen through a smoke filled haze try one of our suggestions next time.

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Marijuana Water Pipe

May 8th, 2011
Marijuana Water Pipe

Marijuana Water Pipe

Marijuana water pipes which are also know as bongs are devices with a bowl shaped base where marijuana smoke goes through water before entering the lungs. Marijuana water pipes are considered to be a healthier way of smoking cannabis with least effect on the health of the smoker. However, this theory is highly debatable as according to some research waterpipes doesn’t necessarily protects smokers from the adverse effect of harmful tars present in marijuana smoke. According to researchers waterpipes filters out phsychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) rather than other form of tars which makes the user smoke more to reach their desired level of satisfaction.
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Marijuana Facts For Teens

April 26th, 2011
Marijuana Facts For Teens

Marijuana Facts For Teens

Teenagers across the globe are the worst and most susceptible victims of drugs and hallucinogens of any form; the same remains true in the case of marijuana too. Marijuana is available to them in various forms such as “pot,” “grass,” “herb,” “weed,” “Mary Jane,” “reefer,” “skunk,” “boom,” “gangster,” “kief,” “chronic,” and “ganja.” These differ in name, constitution and effect. Studies prove that more than80 % of teenagers who smoke marijuana believe that everybody round them smokes ‘pot’ and it is a fairly common thing. Lot of misconceptions and utter lack of knowledge about marijuana is also a big problem faced by teens. What we need is an effective system to dish out proper information about such substances to the youth at the right times. Read on to find some interesting facts about marijuana for teenagers. We have also included some medical facts that may interest you.

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