11th annual Cannabis Revival

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Nearly 4,000 people made it out in Joplin Saturday at the 11th annual Cannabis Revival for the legalization of marijuana.  The crowd was in chant directed from the stage advocating “freedom” and they want it “now”.

So do you want to know who was the leader on the stage with the direction?  Well it was Kelly Maddy, chair of the Joplin chapter of NORML, who organized the entire event.  Joplin, Missouri is the fourth largest of its kind in the country.  He went on to say they’re for “any advancement toward the reform of marijuana laws whether it be medical, industrial, recreational.”

NORML does try to keep marijuana out of the festival because it is illegal and doesn’t encourage that.  They are there for real reform.  Maddy usually meets with the Joplin Police Department to keep law enforcement informed.  “It’s a peaceful crowd.  We don’t have any violence,” says Maddy.  He went on to talk about how their events are different from other concerts that server alcohol and become alcohol fueled.

It’s great to see marijuana reform in its greatest push

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