Comic busted for Pot Possession

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Comic Ralphie May was detained at the international airport in Guam after he was suspected of having a bag of marijuana in his luggage.  May was the winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing and has been a former cast member on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club.

Nickey, the custom agent dog, sniffed the marijuana out when Ralphie was coming through.  The bag contained less than an ounce in total.  Ralphie ended up going to court and paying a fine of $100 since the amount was so minute.

Santo Tomas, a customs agent, said, “If it was more than an ounce it’s handled differently, but for this particular thing he was to show up and pay a fine.”

Ralphies promoter, James Castro, brought him to Guam to perform.  He said that May expressed regrets and he looks forwards to returning to Guam to perform as soon as he can.  Castro went on to say, “He plans on coming back with his family and will not be doing that again.”

Well we sure hope not.  Can you imagine custom agents in Guam getting you on possession? I think I just might crap my pants.  Were they holding guns and pointing them at you?  Well good thing he got out with only a fine, which California has just decriminalized to.  Let’s legalize so we can all just be free.

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