Facebook Supports Legalization

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Very strange to say, but yes Facebook has been donating for the YES on Prop 19.  Sean parker, one of the Co-founders has donated $100,000 to the cause of legalization.  Dustin Moskovitz, has also donated about $50,000 himself.  The Just Say Now page on Facebook is dedicated to the legalization of marijuana, introducing articles related to the subject.  It has a few hundred people a day as of now, but its gaining quick as it already has 18,000 members.  Of course Facebook is under scrutiny because they had banned promotions that had the inclusion of a pot leaf on it, which is just a little hypocritical if you ask me.

However, I am glad to see the corporate giant donate for the cause because Prop 19 is the future.  It needs to pass so Americans can see how important freedom is.  Just because you don’t like something doesn’t meant you have to take away someone else’s freedom.  There are sick people out there that benefits from medical marijuana and if you take that freedom away they just might die.  Can you live with that?  A non harmful drug that comes from the Earth should never be illegal.

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