Richard Lee backs Prop 19

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One of Oakland’s activists, Richard Lee, has put in $1.4 million of his own money to back Prop 19, which would make marijuana totally lawful if approved by voters in November.  The chief financial baker of Prop 19 is Philip D. Harvey, who’s made a fortune selling adult-films and erotic paraphernalia.  Harvey is president of the PHE Group, which owns Adam & Eve, a mail-order and web location for erotica out of Hillsborough, NC.

Harvey’s donation was $100,000 in favor of Prop. 19.  There are four other donations listed: $5,000 each by Lawrece E. Hess, Norman Goldberg and Andrew Ladhe.  $1,000 was donated by Chris Lovenko, which makes it a total of $116,000.  The No on Prop 19 campaign has raised $87,500 so far from mostly police associations.

Harvey is considered one of the most unlikely Robin Hoods in the annals of American business.  DKT International, Harvey’s foundation, distributes contraceptives and condoms in developing nations.

I’m glad Vote Yes for Prop 19 has raised some money from some important people because that’s the only way to get more people involved and to really raise a cause these days.

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