T.I. is going back to jail for Pot

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T.I., real name Clifford Harris, is going back to jail after saving a suicidal man’s life.  A federal judge ordered Atlanta native back to prison for 11 months after revoking his probation.  T.I. was begging the judge not to send him back to prison and said he needed help for his drug addiction.  He told the judge that he ‘screwed up’ and pleaded for mercy, but didn’t receive any.

Last month him and his wife Tameka, ‘Tiny’, Cottle were arrested in L.A. after cops discovered marijuana in their car.  After searching further they also found ecstasy as well.  He also tested positive for opiates and he was also charged for associating himself with a convicted felon.  He was just released from prison after doing 10 months on weapons charges.

I don’t think his music will save him from the law this time.  Apparently authorities have it out for him and are watching him on their radar.  My advice to T.I. is if you’re going to be smoking marijuana, etc… do it at your house where the authorities need a warrant to enter.  Not to mention that you may want to wait till your off probation.

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