X-Pac from WWE busted at Newark Airport

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A lot of you may know him as X-Pac of the WWE, but his name is Sean Waltman.  Mr. Waltman was arrested for possessing a joint at Newark International Airport back on September 12.    He said the night before he was robbed and that’s why he didn’t have his ID when approached.  The officer than conducted a search and seizure and found ½ a joint on the former WCW cruiserweight and former WWF light heavyweight champ.

The 38-year-old grappler has been in rehab before dealing with anti-depressants and alcohol.  He also suffers from hepatitis C and has appeared on The Surreal Life.

He tweeted at TheRealXPac saying, “I love the websites that say I was arrested 4 drugs, like they don’t know it was just weed.  I didn’t have an 8 ball 4 fuck’s sake.  ½ a joint.”  He also said, “WWE’s policy on marijuana is a bad idea.”

What I was wondering was how come the cops didn’t ask who robbed him?  They were quick to make him a criminal and using marijuana, isn’t that just ridiculous. However, this is just another great reason to vote yes on proposition 19 in November.  If we legalize it will eventually spread nationwide.

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