Beating marijuana drug testing is not a herculean task

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So, if you have been taking marijuana, and need to also clear the drug test for your employer, you can opt for several ways to dodge the test. Beating marijuana drug testing is a primary requirement for the people who are willing to take up some new employment in the US. Though it isn’t required as per law, still companies always prefer the new employees to undertake this test in order to ensure that they hire the correct person.

Preferred way to beat the test
I will personally recommend you that the best way to beat the marijuana tests is to abstain from taking it. If not permanently, then you must refrain yourself from using it nearly 2 months prior to the test. You can prefer flushing out the excess of marijuana in your blood and urine. Take lots of water and urinate frequently before taking the test. But you can obviously be caught in the way as frequent urination before the test will result in a clearer urine sample reporting lesser quantities of creatinine thus, you must also eat foods that are rich in proteins in order to maintain the creatinine levels in the body.

For how long does marijuana stay in the body?
It is pretty difficult to determine the duration for which marijuana stays in the body, as it depends on various fact ors such as body metabolism, age, sex, use of the drug etc. the detection time for occasional users is the shortest; whereas it is the longest for the chronic users.

Passing a marijuana test in a week
Can you pass a drug test in a week is that question that I will answer here. There is no surest way to determine if you can or you cannot. But certainly drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly can get you close to passing the test. The case is that it’s not marijuana that you are tested for. You are basically tested for THC – a metabolite formed in the body due to the consumption of marijuana. The THC gets stored in the by fat cells. Hence if you are not an addict, you can certainly beat the drug testing by your way of exercising.

Dodging the technicians
If you a little smart, you can replace your original urine sample with some synthetic sample that can help you clear the test. But this is not what I recommend as there are high chances that you get caught while attempting to do so.

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  1. My friend who takes cannabis / marijuana needs to work hard to pass that test. Maybe he also needs to stop so he doesn’t have to worry about a thing..
    - Omni

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