Can you pass a drug test by drinking vinigar?

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Heres some important information you need to know to pass your drug test!

With the increase in employers testing their employees to drugs a lot more people are wonder how you can get around drug testing. Many people who use drugs need to be able to keep their jobs, so the market for drug detox products and online searching for home remedies has increased substantially.

Good Information
When your trusting your job to information you need to make sure its good and reliable. There is so much bad information online so make sure you find some good accurate information. If the
information you find is bad you will likely loose your job and as it will be related to drug use you will not be able to apply for unemployment benefits! So lets look over some of the possible home made drug test solutions online.

Vinegar and Drug Testing
Many people have heard a rumor that you can pass a drug testing using vinegar. So I decided to find out if you really can pass a drug test by drinking vinegar but before I do I have to say that drinking vinegar sounds really nasty to me! The truth is if you drink urine you will not clean the drug test. Also you need to be careful as drinking vinegar is known to cause diarrhea which will make your employer even more upset with sick days.

Cranberry Juice and Drug Testing
Many people believe that drinking a lot of cranberry juice will flush your system of drugs that you have been taking so I decided to find out if this is true. This method does not work as THC from marijuana is stored in your fat cells and using cranberry juice to cleanse your fat cells will take over a month and usually when drug testing you don’t get that much notice!

Trust Good Products
The best way to find good products is by word of mouth. Ask friends who are drug users that go through frequent drug testing what products they use and if they can pass a drug test without buying products from somewhere to help them cleanse there system. If you do not have any friends you can go to then you will have to do some searching online. Don’t trust websites talk to actual people on forums as websites are often just used to market products by people trying to get revenue from selling you crap.

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