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How to pass a marjiuana urine drug test within 24 hours?
A urine drug test works like the following; the urine test kit looks for a substance called a metabolite, which flows in your blood stream after you have smoked marijuana. Effective for those who have just had their very first few tokes of pot 4 days earlier. No test would find you out. After 24 hours there wouldn’t be a trace left in your bloodstream. In 3 days – you’ve got pure urine. Drinking fluids will dilute the urine so the detected metabolites are below the threshold (50ng/ml). However, you need to be careful not to drink so much water as this will result in a Diluted sample, which often results in a Fail.

About secondhand smoke or “passive inhalation”. Can being around others who smoke cause to fail a drug test?
It depends on a few things. How strong was the marijuana, how close were you to it, how much smoke was in the room, and how recent was this? It also depends on the type of test being used. With passive inhalation, you won’t have marijuana traces in your urine unless you were inhaling a great deal of secondhand smoke, and even that possibility is small. You can, however, have it show up in hair or skin tests. According to some studies, hair and skin tests can detect marijuana for a few months. The chance of receiving one of these two types of tests is less common, and it’s usually done when there is a crime being investigated.
Many people claim passive inhalation of marijuana smoke as a reason for a positive urine test. While passive inhalation of marijuana smoke can be detected on this type of test, studies show that it is highly unlikely that a nonsmoking individual could inhale enough secondhand smoke to result in a positive urine test. So, in other words, if you fail a drug test and use “secondhand smoke” as your defense, it will be hard for anyone to believe that.
How to Pass THC Drug Test?
THC is the short form of Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a chemical found in Cannabis plant, which is also known as Marijuana. Usually, a THC test is a kind of detection test, where the donor has to give a sample of body fluid such as urine or blood or hair to the drug-testing center.
Methods to Pass THC Drug Test:If you happen to go for a THC test, and want to pass the test without the detection of THC from your body, here are some tips to pass the test:
• Urine Tampering: This method includes various steps such as drinking water, urine additives and substituting urine.
• Drinking water: You need to drink plenty of water to pass the THC test. Urine dilution takes place due to excessive drinking of water. This method is not 100% dependable for regular users of THC.
Urine Additives: This is an oldest method to pass a THC drug test. However, this method to pass a THC drug test needs to be your last option. You may use certain adulterant substances as urine additives to tamper your urine sample. The most common adulterant to tamper urine sample is edible salt.
• Clean Urine: This is a very crude method to pass a THC drug test. All you need to do is give a urine sample of another person to the testing authorities.
The second method to pass a THC drug test is by using flushing agents. This is the best-known method to pass a THC drug test till date. All you have to do is flush out all the toxins from the urinary tract. This results in a clean urine sample, which you may give to the drug-testing center. The advantages of this method are:
• This method starts working within an hour
• The chances of detection are very low
• You are safe and do not carry any toxic substances in your body
The third method to pass a THC drug test is the natural way. The basic principle behind this method is you have to increase your liquid intake and urine flow to decrease the level of drugs in urine sample. Due to low levels of the drug in your body, there are chances of your test results to be negative.
Other Quick Methods:
You may also take high doses of Aspirin to pass a THC drug test. However, avoid consuming Aspirin just a day before the test, as it may be fatal. Take aspirin for around a week before the test. This helps when you have to give your urine sample in front of an authorized testing individual.

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