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If you suspect your child is abusing fentanyl there are many options available to you for testing your child. Remember as a parent you have the responsibility of making sure your children are safe and healthy and drugs are definitely not safe or healthy so be responsible parent and have your child tested for drugs today!

What is fentanyl?
Fentanyl, also known as fentanil is a strong pain medication. It works as a agonist at the several different receptors in the body. Fentanyl is one of the more widely abused pain medications available on the street value of around $5 a milligram depending on the form of fentanyl purchased.

The Different Methods
There are different methods of drug testing available to parents wishing to test their children for drug use. Each method has its positives and drawbacks. When a parent wishes to test their child for the abuse of fentanyl there are many options available!

Testing with hair
Rather new to the retail market the home drug test with hair is still a very expensive test and the hair must be sent to a laboratory for results. This test is the most accurate of the available testing methods for home use and gives results for an extended period of time often up to months ago. Hair from any place on the body can be used if the test subject shaves their head.

Urine Testing
This type of testing is quite common in home drug testing kits available on the market. Fentanyl urine testing is very accurate unless a fake urine sample is provided by the test subject. If you use this method it is important to supervise your child while he provides a urine sample in order to ensure sample integrity. This method is the most popular method available on the market to parents in home testing kits.

Swab Method
This method is rather new to the drug testing market and is rather inexpensive. However this method is rather unreliable as the testing is done at home not in a laboratory and it is subject to user error. However if you need to do the testing in an economical fashion this is the way to get it done.

Please remember if your child does pass the drug test to get them something special. This will help the feelings of violation and lack of trust that your child will be feeling as they were forced to take a drug test.

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