How to pass a drug test with water?

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It is significant for you to pass the drug tests as this is the preliminary test for getting into a new job. Positive tests for the drugs usually get you into loosing good jobs.
How to pass a drug test with water is the most often asked question. If you have your urine test I the coming 30 days or even near, you must look out for the ways to pass the drug test, in case you take any. There are too many hard working people that certainly require passing these tests for better placement.

Successful ways to pass a drug test
It is a common misbelieve that cranberry juice helps clear the drugs from the body. It is undoubtedly an antioxidant and a best way to cleanse your body; but the fact is that the THC gets stored in the fat cells of the body. Thus, cranberry juice is of no use to clear the tests. Adding vinegar to your sample can certainly decrease the pH of your urine sample. But this tampering will not escape from the eyes of the technician who will ask for another sample. Therefore you must look out for some natural ways to pass the drug test.

Water to dilute your urine sample
If you are planning to take a drug urine test, consider drinking plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water several days before the test is of no use. Water does not help clean the THC accumulated in the fat cells. The primary purpose of water is to dilute the urine temporarily to show lower concentration of the drugs. Drink water 24 hours before the test is the best solution. Too much water intake results in frequent urination and dilutes the concentration of urine. But the problem here lies in the fact that diluted urine has a lighter color, which might arouse suspicion that you have tried flushing out the drug.

Is there any sure way to pass the drug test?
If you need passing a drug test in 24 hours, you must take water and gatoraide in the ratio of 35% & 65%. Prefer taking light breakfast on the day prior to the test. Also drink water in large quantities. Avoid eating anything 3 hours prior to taking the test. So 4 hours before the test, prefer drinking gatoraide (4 glasses) and water (up to 2 glasses). When you urinate for the test, initially urinate some out, and then fill up the container with the urine sample. This way you can clear the drug test.

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