How to test the purity of cocaine is something that many of the lab technicians might not be aware of

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How to test the purity of cocaine is something that the lab technicians must know in order to determine if the samples contain cocaine or no. The cocaine tests help the technicians identify if the person has been addict to the use of cocaine and other such drugs.

Is all cocaine pure?
Cocaine is usually cut or adulterated with other white and powdery substance such as starch or vitamin powder, talcum powder, or sugar. Generally cocaine stays in the body for nearly 72 hours. Chances are that you are not taking in pure cocaine and hence report negative for the tests. If you need to test for the purity of cocaine, perform the test under bright source of light on some ceramic plate. Carefully empty the contents of the capsule onto the plate and add 2-3 drops of required liquid. Take a note of the change in color and compare with the chart.

Blood test for cocaine
The blood tests for cocaine provide conclusive proofs if the individual has been taking cocaine regularly. Blood drug test time is lesser than urine drug test time and it depends on various factors such as overall health, age, sex, metabolism of the body, and urine pH. Cocaine can be detected in the blood only for a few hours after its intake. Generally it can be detected in the blood for 2 to 5 days depending on the amount consumed.

Are you undertaking a drug test?
If you are scared if you will be able to clear the drug test, I recommend you follow some if the useful ways to pass a drug test. Take lots of water to reduce the concentration of your urine. Also, fix an afternoon appointment for the test so that you can pass out the morning urine that contains the maximum concentration of the drugs. Remember that when you go for taking a sample of your urine, do not instantly urinate in the container! First urinate a little out into the pot, then take some into the sample, and later again urinate out into the pot. The urine reports maximum concentration of the drugs at the start and at the end. This way you can probably report lower concentration of the drugs.

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