If you think your child is doing drugs here is some information you need to know!

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So if you suspect your child may be doing drugs there are a few possibilities. Many doctors offices provide drug testing to parents, and some police departments do as well but why take this outside the home as it may cause a lot of unnecessary drama for you and your family and no one likes drama! It is now possible to do drug testing in the comfort of your own home!

Home Drug Tests
There are many cheap home urine drug tests available in stores and online these days. If you and other parents get together and buy them in bulk you can even save significant money when testing for drugs so be sure to ask other parents if they want to test their children as well. It might be a good idea to contact the local police department to find out if they know of a resource that may provide free at home drug testing kits.

Excuses From Children
When children do not pass the drug test there are often many excuses as to why they did not. One of the major one is that hemp shampoo caused a false positive. This is not at all possible, nor is it possible to test positive if you are around people doing drugs as you simply do not bring enough of the drugs in your system to cause a positive test result!

Forcing Drug Testing
It is not possible for parents to force their children to do drug tests. The only way that a person can be forced to submit to drug testing is by court or doctors order. However as parents of your children you do have options that include grounding your children for not complying with drug testing. Remember though if your child is not infact taking drugs testing them will cause the trust level in your relationship to drop and will cause problems in the future between you and your children so be careful when telling your child that he needs to submit to drug testing!

A final word
If you find out you child is taking drugs all is not lost. There are many treatment options available and the sooner that you find out the more likely it is you can help your child beat this horrible habbit before it is too late! Good luck!

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