Marijuana Drug Testing Facts

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There are certain myths and facts as well for the tests which are done to detect presence of marijuana in the body. Generally a simple drug test will search for small amounts of drug. Higher concentrations of it will render a Positive drug screen. These are tested after the screening teat to reduce the possibilities of a false positive result.

Marijuana Hair follicle test
Testing by a hair follicle can trace marijuana usage back as far as 90 days. This is because as a person’s hair grows, the marijuana used is encased in the hair shaft.
It is the most accurate test but researches say that people with darker shade of hair or high melanin content are more sensitive towards it. It has been found that gray here has reduced capacity to retain the drug from bloodstream and will have a lower discovery rate. Even humidity has an affect on the marijuana content in hair follicles and tends to degrade it.

Body Fluid Testing
Marijuana use can be detected by testing the urine, saliva or blood Analysis specimens are collected from an individual, sealed and sent off to a laboratory that tests the specimen for various drugs, including marijuana. With a saliva test, detection begins 24 hours after the drug is taken. Blood tests are the most expensive but most accurate marijuana drug is accurately used for testing the byproducts of THC like THC-COOH which is secreted with urine. The by product continue to be present in urine even after several weeks of usage so if you are a frequent user and want to test negative for this test, then abstain from it.

False Positive
Some marijuana drug tests can pick up other drugs that a person is taking. For example, prescription antibiotics and pain pills can cause a marijuana drugs test to be positive. It is best for a person being tested for marijuana to let the employer or test administrator know of any prescription drugs that he is taking. The drugs need to be legally prescribed and not being abused by the person.

How to pass a Marijuana drug test?
Marijuana drug tests are quite often seen now in workplace, sports, especially it is conducted at the time of joining of any applicant to know about the history of the job seeker. In such a situation, a worthy person might lose his job or will be denied one if he/she tests positive to the examination. Thus many people try to find ways to pass the test and come clean after an examination.

Use of detox products is by far the most effective means to render themselves clean. But before that, you can drink lots of water like say at least 2 liters every day. Water being a natural cleansing agent helps in cleaning out the drug from your body. For urinalysis, give only the drops of the midstream and preferably of the fifth urination of the day. Some even resort to taking vitamin B tablets supposedly as it clears the body of marijuana. Exercising and diet is another means to get rid of the drug from your body.
Exercising will burn the fat cells in your body typically where the THC metabolites resides. However, stop exercising a few days before the test and also refrain from certain medication just 2-3 days prior to the examination. But these methods are viable only if you take the drug orally, if you are a smoker hardly you will be benefited. So in such a case you can try to give a substitute sample of urine which is not yours and pass the test.

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