Marijuana pee test: myths and facts

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Most of the employers in the western part of the world go for the marijuana pee test to ascertain whether their new recruits are addicted to marijuana or not. If you are a constant marijuana user then it’s time you should go for a marijuana pee test to avoid future hassles. Moreover if you undergo some home marijuana pee tests then it will prepare you to face a standard marijuana pee test organized by your future employer. There are a lot of myths are circulating about the marijuana pee test. This mainly happens because no one likes to discuss about it freely and there is a serious lack of awareness among the masses about the marijuana use and marijuana pee test.

As the name says, marijuana pee test deals with your urine to see whether you’re a constant use of marijuana or marijuana products. There are some points which you should consider before going for a marijuana pee test.

Lots of people feel that they can modify or manipulate the marijuana pee test result if they drink excess water prior to giving the sample for testing. In that case, it should be remembered that drinking of excess water may bring in the problem of water intoxication which may lead to death. Moreover drinking of excess water could lead to urine sample of less density and neutral color. Such a sample may create thousand doubts in the minds of the tester. You can manipulate the urine sample by mixing some warm water. Then some people go for artificial or synthetic samples or they simply replace their samples with some non-user samples. But whatever trick you choose, it’s really tough to manipulate a marijuana pee test result by a first-time user. So, it’s better to go for some expert help to avoid negative results.

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