Marijuana Screening

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Marijuana Screening

Marijuana Screening

Marijuana screening is the process undertaken to determine the presence or absence of marijuana in a person which can be done in an official lab or even privately. Screening done for marijuana in an official lab involves an electronic paper trial from which the results are difficult to erase. If tested positive in such cases it can hamper the future of the person involved. Moreover if the person is employed in any business organization it can lead to the termination of employment. It is therefore important for people employed to inform the employer and the lab about any medication that they are taking during the time of the test as it can largely alter the results and can show positive for marijuana.

Pass a Drug Test With MBDetox

Pass a Drug Test With MBDetox

Marijuana screening can be done privately with marijuana test kits which are available in the market. Marijuana screening done privately can help save you from embarrassment even if the results are positive as the knowledge about the results remains limited only to you. Moreover, marijuana screening done through a private marijuana test kit can help improve the relationship between parents and their kids. Parents suspicious of their children’s lifestyle can get such a test kit and conduct private test on their child and can take effective steps to curtail their drug habits if they are tested positive.

Another important point to note here is that sometimes the test result shows false positive results. In most home test kits this is a drawback that users have to deal with. It’s not just home test kits which show false positive results, as even test done through official labs sometimes shows false positive results. This is primarily due to the medications that the person may be taking when the test was conducted. A few drugs which can cause false positive results include: Efavirenz (also known as Sustiva), Dronabinol (also known as marinol) and Hempseed Oil.

Marijuana testing facts

People undergoing marijuana screening test always fear the results would turn up to be positive and affect their social life. To pass marijuana test a person need to know some basic facts about marijuana and how long it can remain in their body and what steps they can undertake to remove the toxins from their body before the test.
Marijuana can remain in the body of a user depending on the person’s health, frequency of use, metabolic rate, age and body mass. The most common period of time marijuana is detectable in the body varies from 3-30 days in normal cases.

Urine test

Urine test for marijuana screening is the least expensive of all tests and is also most commonly used. Marijuana can be detected in the urine till 3 days after last consumption but it may increase to 12 weeks for persons who are heavy and frequent users.

Saliva test

Saliva tests are one of the most popular testing methods due to their ease of administration from any place or time. Marijuana can remain detectable in the saliva for a shorter period of time ranging from 1 hour to a full day.

Hair test

Marijuana can be detected in the hair follicles of a person, and the bad news is that THC is stored in the hair follicles for a longer period of time and it can provide the drug history of a person for 90 days. Moreover, in some cases marijuana can be detected in the hair follicles for an extended period of 3 years which worsens the case for the person involved in the test.

Blood test

Blood test is the most expensive tests of all and is also a very effective one to determine if a person is on drugs or not.  Moreover, marijuana remains detectable in the blood for a considerable amount of time.

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