Marijuana Test Kits

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Marijuana Test Kits

Marijuana Test Kits

Marijuana test kits are essential products for confirming if a person has any trace of marijuana in his or her body. Marijuana testing can be done through both official and private means. Using marijuana test kits to carry out a private testing process is the best way to keep the parent-child relationship intact. Marijuana testing through these private kits can be really helpful for both the child and the parents without letting the outside world know about the child’s drug habits, which eventually helps the child in putting an end to this habit.

Pass a Drug Test With MBDetox

Pass a Drug Test With MBDetox

If the same test is done through official means the process will involve an electronic paper trial from which data will be difficult to erase which leaves a scar on the person’s reputation. This can have a bad effect on the future of the person and can jeopardize employment too. It is therefore recommendable to undergo private marijuana testing instead of an official one to avoid social stigma. Today there are various testing kits available in the market through which a person can easily undergo various testing procedures at home.

Saliva drug test

This is a quick method of detecting if a person has taken marijuana or not. Marijuana can be detected in the person in between 1 hour to 14 after the time of consumption.

Urine drug test

Urine drug test is another effective way of determining the presence of marijuana in a person. Traces of marijuana appear in a person’s urine after 2 hours and remain detectable for five to six days after consumption.

Hair drug test

Marijuana consumption symptoms can be detected in a person’s hair within 90 days of consumption and they are displayed in the person’s hair roots.

Blood testing

Blood testing through a ‘marijuana test kit’ is an expensive, lengthy and tedious procedure which can take between four to six days, but is effective enough to detect traces of marijuana in it.

The marijuana test kit is a sophisticated tool for effective marijuana testing at home and is able to beat any fake testing sample by detecting the manipulation done with the sample.

Manipulation done in order to avoid detection of marijuana in a person is not uncommon and in order to pass marijuana test many teenagers indulge in some tricks to come clean after the test.


Abstinence from consuming marijuana is the simplest way to avoid detection and pass marijuana test. After 24 hours of consumption traces of marijuana from the blood stream will vanish and in 3 days it will be gone from the urine too. However, this method is successful only for those whose marijuana intact is in low quantity.


Diluting is another method to avoid detection of marijuana in the body and it is done by adding fluid in the sample. However, many drug test centers routinely tests samples to detect dilution of the sample.

Internal dilution or Flushing

Internal dilution is a method where a person drinks excessive amounts of water before providing a urine sample. However, this method is not always effective as colorless urine arouses suspicion which may result in flagging the sample and running the confirmation level to 15ng/mL instead of the standard 50 ng/mL.


Urine substitution is another cheap and effective method which involves substituting the urine with another person’s urine or using a synthetic sample. A person indulging in this should be confident of his or her friend’s urine sample so that it do not turn out to be positive for marijuana.

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