Marijuana Test Strips

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Marijuana Test Strips

Marijuana Test Strips

Marijuana test strips are important products readily available in the market which is easy to use and helpful in determining presence of marijuana in a person’s body. Marijuana test strips are easy to use home testing product which is very effective in tracing even minute presence of marijuana and most importantly it is much more affordable than any other tests. The single panel and multi panel test strips along with EZ test cups are considered to be very effective in detecting marijuana individually and even with the combination of other drugs in the urine along with marijuana.

Pass a Drug Test With MBDetox

Pass a Drug Test With MBDetox

If you are considering conducting a private marijuana test you should definitely get some marijuana test strips but first you must ensure that the test strip you have decided to buy is approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration). This is required as it ensures the quality of the test strip in accordance to FDA. The next important thing to consider while buying marijuana test strip is that it should be more than 95% accurate in the results it provides at the end of the test. Moreover, the output of the results should be out within a span of 5 to 10 minutes and most importantly the results should be easily readable and understandable by you or any other user. The testing process should not involve any additional equipment other than the testing strips.

The presence of marijuana usually takes about one month to subside from the urine and upto five months from the blood stream without using any external aid and following a normal diet after the consumption of the drug for the last time. Cannabis detoxification process is therefore a time consuming process and if you are required to take a drug test you should take aid from some external products to pass marijuana test and come out clean. Food intake also plays an important part in cannabis detoxification process and a proper diet can speed up the cannabis detox process and the person’s body will be free of the drug in a short period of time as it speeds up the cleansing process.

Eat food three times a day

A person should always maintain regularity in his or her eating habits as it really benefits in speeding up the detoxification process. A correct dietary supplement in breakfast, lunch and evening meal not just speeds up the cannabis detox process but also boosts the energy levels and the immune system.

Give importance to the liver

Liver is an important organ in the body which removes all forms of toxins including marijuana. It is important to take liver supplements to keep the liver in good shape.

Drink a lot of water

Water a universal drink always comes to the rescue whenever you are in trouble. Drinking a lot of water also speeds up the process of detoxification and helps to purify your body from the harmful effects of marijuana.

Have honey instead of sugar

Honey is another essential food item which has many medicinal properties and is full of antioxidants. Always go for least processed honey as they are really helpful in the removal of toxins like marijuana from the body.

Eat an Apple everyday

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ goes the popular saying and there is indeed some truth in it as it is an important fruit which can really rid your body from harmful toxins.

Apart from all the above mentioned steps a person can also take ‘Marijuana detox drink’ before a marijuana test for quick results. Although not a natural option this method provides a much quicker results and is useful if you are urgently required to pass the test.

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