Marijuana Testing Facts

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Marijuana Testing Facts

Marijuana Testing Facts

There are certain myths and facts surrounding marijuana testing and some of them are true while others tend to be just mere facts. Marijuana testing facts should be known by all who are inclined to take a drug test at their home or at a professional drug testing centre to clear any misconception regarding the tests and about consumption of marijuana.

Pass a Drug Test With MBDetox

Pass a Drug Test With MBDetox

An important point to note here is that the detection rate of marijuana varies from person to person.

Amount and Frequency of Use
Primarily the basic factor affecting the detection rate is the amount of marijuana a person takes and the frequency of drug consumption. Casual or one time users are the least likely to get detected in a drug test than a regular user who has a higher concentration of drugs in his or her blood stream.

Metabolic Rate

Metabolic rate varies from person to person and it also depends largely on the persons eating habits. A person with a higher metabolic rate will dilute the presence of marijuana in his or her body in a short period of time, while a person with low metabolic rate will retain drug concentration in his or her body for a longer period of time and thus increasing the detection rate.

Body Mass

Body mass of a person too plays an important part in detecting marijuana in the body. Metabolism rate slows down with body mass and increases the drug dilution process in the body resulting in a longer drug detection period.


Age is another determining factor in any marijuana screening process. Metabolism rate decreases with increase in age which results in a longer drug detection period. So, if you are a young person you will have to wait for a lesser period of time than an aged person to pass marijuana test and come clean.

Overall health of the person

Overall health plays a very important role in getting a person come clean in a marijuana screening test. If a person follows a healthy diet the detoxification process speeds up to a great extend and detection rate decreases.

There are various ways through which the presence of marijuana is tested in a person. Marijuana urine test, marijuana blood test, marijuana hair test, marijuana saliva test and marijuana sweat test are most popular in determining the presence of marijuana in the body.

Marijuana urine test

Marijuana urine test is the least expensive of all marijuana drug tests and also most commonly used to detect marijuana in the body. Marijuana remains detectable in the urine till 2 to 3 days after consumption. However, if a person is a frequent user of marijuana it will remain detectable for 12 weeks.

Marijuana hair test

Marijuana can be detected in a person’s hair till 90 days from the day of consumption. If a person is an extreme marijuana user then his or her hair will present traces of the drug for years due to the consistent growth of hair.

Marijuana saliva test

This is one of the most accurate methods and is also popular as they can be administered anytime and anywhere. Marijuana remains detectable in the saliva between 1 to 14 hours after the time of consumption.

Marijuana blood test

This is the most accurate and most expensive of all the methods and is mostly done for insurance qualification and legal justification. Marijuana remains detectable in the blood stream for a longer period of time and in most cases the sample cannot be manipulated with.

One of the most important marijuana testing facts is that sometime it can test false positive due to the consumption of certain antibiotics or painkillers at the time of giving the sample. It is therefore important for the person to know about any prescribed medication he or she is taking before the test to the concerned persons. Substances that may cause a false positive are:

  • Efavirenz (Sustiva)
  • Dronabinol (Marinol) (True Positive)
  • Hempseed Oil (True Positive)

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