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If you need to pass a pre employment test, you must make sure that your blood and urine test are reported to be free of cannabis. Pass a cannabis test is the primary requirement of the employers for hiring new employees. The best way to pass any of the drug tests is to actually refrain from using the drugs. Still if you are using any of the drugs, the doors are not closed for you. You can try the alternative ways to report negative for the drug tests.

How long does cannabis stay in the body?
For most of the drug detection tests, you will be tested for the presence of cannabis and THC – produced in the body due to the consumption of cannabis. Usually THC can be detected in the body for 3-5 days, if you are not addict to cannabis. For the addicted people, cannabis and THC can be traced in the body for up to 12 weeks. THC is actually stored in the fat cells of the body and takes long time to get discharged into the urine or the blood. The exact time it takes to get discharged varies depending on the metabolism of the body.

Wondering how to beat cannabis drug testing?
It is easy to cheat home drug test for cannabis. Usually it is recommended to take plenty of water as it will serve to dilute the urine and reduce the concentration of the drug present in the urine. THC usually stays in the fat cells and hence exercising regularly helps to burn the fat cells and clear the traces of THC. One way to cheat home drug test is through the substitution of your own urine with some synthetic urine. But you need to be careful here, as the lab technicians are well aware of the temperature of the normal urine.

Other ways to report negative for the test
You can consider eating fods that are rich in proteins, if you plan to dodge the cannabis test through dilution of urine. Prefer eating red meat that increases the creatinine levels in the urine. Thus, even if you dilute your urine, you can still maintain the creatinine levels in your urine. Usually, the lab tests the creatinine levels to ensure that the samples are not dodged and there has been no unusual intake of water.

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