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Pass drug urine test is the primary requirement of the companies when hiring new employees. The drugs consumed by a person do show up in some form in the fluids of the body. The urine drug testing method can easily detect even the single use of drugs and is therefore the most preferred drug test.

How is a drug urine test performed?
Usually, while performing a drug urine test, a sample of the urine is taken and sent to the lab. 60cc urine is required for the test and an immunoassay is performed in the lab. In this test, the lab technician uses a particular chemical that reacts with just one substance in the urine. A change is pH, color or density confirms this test. The technicians further test the sample with mass spectrometry test or gas chromatography if the samples do not clear the immunoassay. Herein, each of the chemicals present in the urine is separated and the exact amounts of each are specified.
If you want to ask “Will I pass my drug test?” you can refer to the ways to do so.
If you too are worried about clearing your drug urine test, there are various ways of cheating the drug urine test too. Drinking water in large quantities can work to dilute your urine sample. Once in a while, if you are smart enough, you can also use someone else’s sample, but I don’t recommend this. Also taking in the poppy seeds too can result in some false positives for the opium drugs, after a few hours of ingestion.

Can I be caught this way?
Truly speaking, large quantities of water intake result in a significant change in the smell and color of the urine. The lab tech will notice it and further test your urine for creatine levels a drop in the creatine level will surely indicate dilution. Finding someone else’s urine and getting it to a normal temperature level can be problematic. Therefore, the only way to pass a drug test is to get some drug detox.
So, if you are looking forward to a change in your career, do make sure that your drug urine test must be negative.

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