Passing a drug test in 2 days

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Employees do not need to inform you before hand to conduct random drug testing, but if you have 2 days time you can surely pass the drug test. Passing a drug test in 2 days is not an easy job, but not impossible too. It will all depend on the individual factors such as amount of the drug intake, body metabolism, sex, whether a frequent user or an infrequent one, or for how long have you been taking the drugs.

All you need to know about the drug tests
Drug tests have become a mandate for the employees before they take up any job. The employee has all the rights to reject an applicant if the applicant reports positive for the drug tests. Basically the drug tests are performed for hair, blood and urine. The specimens are not tested for the presence of the drugs in the blood or urine; rather they are tested for the presence of THC – a metabolite produced in the body due to the consumption of the drugs. This THC gets stored in the fat cells of the body. Being water insoluble, taking excess of water will not help in removing the traces of THC from the body. In order to pass the drug test, your urine must report less than 50nb/ml of the THC.

How do you beat a drug test?
So al the drug addicts will really be scared of the forthcoming drug tests! But there are several ways through which you can dodge the test results. The drugs stay in the body for somewhere between 3-30 days depending on the various factors. So if you are to undertake a drug test, abstain from consuming any of the drugs. I recommend you buy some home drug testing kit and daily test your urine sample, till you report negative for all the drugs. That’s the time to officially go for the drug testing. I am not very positive on saying that you can pass a drug test in 2 days but you can try using the drug cleansers that swear of the results. These cleansers soak all the toxins present in the body and thus help to pass out clear urine.

Pass a drug test
You can exercise regularly to ensure that your fat cells get burned. The lesser ten number of the fat cells, the lesser storage space will be available or the THC. This accounts for saying that skinny people usually report lesser traces of drugs in their body.

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