Urine Drug Testing 101

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We receive a lot of phone calls from people who have never had to take a drug test before and want some information on what to expect. The most common type of drug test that companies require today would be testing the urine for drugs. This seems to be the most cost-effective and accurate method for companies to determine if their employees are using drugs. Many companies also require employees or prospective employees to provide blood, saliva or hair samples as well as or in place of urine to be sent to labs and tested for the presence of illegal substances.

Most companies will send employees to a collection site where the lab will collect the specimen, usually about two ounces. Some labs will just provide you with a cup, show you where the bathroom is and wait for you to provide your sample. Other companies might require that you be observed while you provide your sample. The bathrooms in testing labs often only contain the toilet with the water dyed blue so you can’t dilute your sample in the toilet water. Some may not even contain a sink.

There are a few guidelines which labs use to test your urine. The temperature is measured as soon as you turn in your sample and if measures colder than the required 92 degrees it is an automatic fail. Once you’ve passed the temperature test your day at the lab is done.

There are three different stages in a typical urine test.

The first is physical examination of the sample where it is tested for color, specific gravity, clarity and concentration.

The second is a chemical examination where it is tested for specific illegal drugs or substances.

The third stage is a microscopic examination of the sample to identify cells, casts and other components like mucous and batteries.

The color of the urine can be affected by many things like the balance of fluid in your system, your diet, disease and medicines. Blood in the urine can turn your urine red-brown and some berries and vegetables can affect the color as anyone who has ever eaten asparagus can attest to. Urine is normally clear but mucous, blood, crystals and bacteria can turn your urine cloudy.

The specific gravity test of the sample reveals the amount of substances in the urine as well as how the kidneys balance the amount of water in the urine. Drinking a large amount of fluids makes your kidneys produce urine with a high amount of water in it producing a low reading for specific gravity. Conversely, when you do not drink enough fluids, your kidneys make urine with a small amount of water in it producing a sample with a high specific gravity.

Getting your results can vary from lab to lab. Some labs may do the dip test immediately and you will know the results before you leave. Some labs may notify you within 24 to 48 hours or some may notify your employer before notifying you. Some labs may not even notify you if your test is negative and after a few weeks have passed you can assume that you have passed. But if you have tested positive you can be sure that someone will let you know within a few days.

Knowing how you will be tested can provide you a better idea of what detox product you should consider using for your test.

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