Buying Cannabis seeds offline: Things to remember

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You can buy cannabis seeds both online or offline. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Though a lot of people feel that the medium of the internet is capable of providing you with more benefits while buying cannabis seeds but if you still have decided to buy them offline then the following points can be of your help.

Don’t buy cannabis seeds from an unregistered store. You may end up with low quality or duplicate cannabis seeds.

  1. Don’t buy cannabis seeds in bulk. Never try to buy these seeds for someone else. You may end up at the wrong side of the law.
  2. If legal stores are not available around you to buy cannabis seeds then you can go for the underground ones. But in that case always deal in cash and try to not disclose your identity.
  3. Before deciding to buy from a real time cannabis store consult with your friends, relatives or colleagues if they have any experience of dealing with those stores.
  4. Never act as a middleman to provide someone else with cannabis seeds. Moreover you should never try to sell out your seeds to someone else without valid permission from authorized parities.
  5. Even if you buy cannabis seeds offline then too you should go for some online research to gather some knowledge about the varieties you are buying. It will help you to not waste money with wrong varieties.
  6. While buying the cannabis seeds offline always ask the seller about some relevant manuals or guidelines to get maximum yield from the seeds. If they fail to provide any such material then take help from the internet. Remember, only buying best cannabis seeds you won’t get maximum yield, for that you need proper guidance and training.

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