Future plans of a pot seed seller

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Marc Emery is a pot seed seller with a difference. He has the zeal of a true crusader and works indefatigably to ensure that marijuana becomes legal in all parts of the world. Emery is a one-man army with his seed catalogs and fiery statements.

For instance he says, “Plant the seeds of freedom, overgrow the government.” A firm believer in the idea that by legalizing pot and allowing every one to grow it, drug dealers and cartels can soon be thrown out of business, he urges his customers to grow more marijuana.

Extradited from Canada to the United States Emery has pleaded guilty to the charges of conspiring to grow marijuana. He now faces up to five years in a federal prison.

However, an unrepentant Emery takes pride in his achievement of spreading the cultivation of marijuana in the United States. To date he has sold billions of dollars worth of marijuana seeds in the United States. He feels that he has achieved a lot in forcing the US authorities to consider legalizing marijuana.

In Canada his extradition has lead to a public outcry. The number of his sympathizers has increased and Emery is now a famous figure in marijuana circles.

Emery used the profits from his seed sales not for personal aggrandizement but to help fight for the legalization of pot. He spent money in defending people accused of smoking pot. He funded politicians in many countries in a bid to get them to legalize marijuana. This is what angered the anti-marijuana lobby and led to his eventual arrest.

However, Emery is no spent force. He is trying to influence marijuana legislation even when he is in prison. He writes regular blogs in support of his pet schemes and is planning `potcasts’ if the prison authorities will give him permission.

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