How to Choose the Best Marijuana Seeds

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In order to choose the best marijuana seeds for growing you should consider various factors. One of the most important factors is the type of marijuana that you prefer to grow. In order to make the selection more rewarding you must do a bit of careful reading. Some types of marijuana seeds are mainly meant for growing indoors whereas other seeds are meant for growing outdoors.

Do you have experience in growing marijuana?

All strains of marijuana do not grow in the same way. Some strains of marijuana are very difficult to grow as compared to others. Other types of marijuana grow easily and are resistant to pest. They are also capable of handling lots of stress. If you are not very experienced in growing marijuana you must chooses the strain that is easy to grow.

Marijuana Categories – Indica and Sativa seeds

Marijuana seeds are broadly categories as two different varieties – Indica and Sativa. In order to alter the growing properties of marijuana the breeders will cross these two strains of these breeds to make a new strain. The purpose of doing this varies from one cross strain to the other. It could be to increase the yield or to increase the potency. Sometimes it is done for strengthening the plant in order to achieve consistent results.

Plants belonging to Indica category grow short and stocky; their buds are short, stocky and smelly. They also flower much in advance than Sativa strains. They normally have a 6-9 week flowering period. On the other hand Sativa strains will grow taller and bigger and their buds are less compact than that of Indica.

Some of the best marijuana seeds that are available are – white widow, big bud, bubblegum, Hollands hope, Ice, Northern lights, purple power and ppp. There are many more seeds available and you can search them on Internet to find out details.

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