How to Grow a Super Crop of Marijuana

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To increase the yield from your cannabis plants, practice some or all of these super cropping methods. These are just a few gardeners’ tricks that really work to give you a bumper crop.

Here you twist or crush the innermost part of a stem with your finger and thumb. Take care to ensure that you do not damage the hard outer layer of the stem. To prevent damage to this part of the stem ensure that your finger nails do not touch the stem. Do this only once a week, not more frequently. This will increase foliage in the lower branches while ensuring that the top cola too grows.

As cannabis plants need a lot of light for photosynthesis, bend the top branches of your plant toward the sunlight. This will help the top branches to put forth more leaves. Also, more light will reach the lower branches, leading to more foliage there as well.

This is a low stress alternative to bending. Tie the branches of cannabis plant in such a way that they receive more sunlight. This too will increase foliage yield. Use a string or brace to tie your plant stem to the right direction.

This can be done only to absolutely healthy plants. This is essentially cutting off or pinching the top of the plant. This helps the lower branches yield more foliage. However, it is not clear whether this increased lower branch growth compensates for the loss of the top branches. So use this method only if your growth strategy requires it.

These are some of the methods used by marijuana growers to increase the yield from their plants. They are essentially simple gardening techniques that can be used on your cannabis plant as well. Remember that these are supplementary steps and do not forget to water and fertilize your plants regularly as well.

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