How to Grow Hemp Plants: Simple Tips to Succeed

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Hemp plants have been in use for thousands of years and they have always shown results. Due to this, their popularity has remained static; on the contrary, it has kept increasing even when it is considered illegal. In countries like Nepal, Vietnam, Mexico, Africa and India hemp growing is done in the outdoors.

You have to firstly consider where you wish to grow hemp plants. You can grow it indoors as well in the outdoors too. If you are looking for large productions, of course, growing the plants in the open is the best way.  However, there are flip sides to both outdoor and indoor hemp growing.

It is easy to pay attention to the indoor production as the space is small and you can pay attention easily. The same cannot be the case if you grow the plant in the great outdoors as the space will be much larger and cannot be supervised that easily.

However, compare the following production and you will think twice where to grow hemp plants. If you take the production indoors, a single plant can give you 1/2 to 1 ounce of marijuana. On the other hand, the same crop, in the outdoors, will yield almost 16 times of more marijuana.

There should be adequate supply of water. Rain water is the best for outdoor plantation. If there are scanty or no rains, you will have to physically water the plants as the maintaining the water level is quite important.

If you are a resident of such countries where temperature dips below the freezing points, then watering the plants can be a worry. To overcome this problem, you should start the planting process earlier, like in the Spring.

Considering the seedlings, some say starting it around 10 days in mini-greenhouse is best. Others feel it should be planted in the ground itself. Think about this well.

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