Marijuana Growing Facts

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Marijuana Growing Facts

Marijuana Growing Facts

Growing marijuana at home is an art that every pot user wants to acquire for personal use and also as an item of decoration indoors. However one must also be careful about local laws and strive not to break any rules if they explicitly forbid growing of the plant. Marijuana growing facts can be acquired from various online sites especially marijuana seed banks. These sites provide various marijuana growing methods which users can try out at their home. Growing flowers and vegetables indoors have today emerged as a favorite pastime for most Americans. An important thing to note here is that growing, selling or possessing marijuana is a crime in the US and can invite various degrees of penalties. It is therefore important to maintain extreme caution and privacy while cultivating marijuana.

Marijuana growing facts for beginners

  • Get hold of some seeds: Quality seeds are the first thing you will need for a good cultivation of marijuana and you can ask any regular seed collector for good quality of seeds.
  • Germinating the seeds: Germination needs a lot of attention and for that first you must put the seeds into moist soil. Remember to use moist towel and the germination process will appear after 24 hours at the earliest and in some cases a few days or even a week.
  • Plant the sprout: When the seeds begin to sprout out you need to place it on moist soil and put some more soil over the sprout.
  • Provide light to the plants: Light plays an important role in the growth of a plant and so enough light should be present at the site of cultivation.

There are also other important marijuana growing facts which we should know so that it can yield us a successful harvest.

Soil and Container

After getting high quality seeds your next focus should be on the quality of soil where you will sow the seeds. You can get high quality soil to grow marijuana at your local plant shop or nursery. The ph factor should be given consideration and should remain between 6.5 and 7.5. The soil should also contain humus which helps in retaining moisture and nutrients.

The container type and size determines the successful growth of the marijuana plant. The container used for this purpose should be less than six inches in diameter. Also the transplanting process should not be more than one time as it can hamper the plants growth. Marijuana plants do not like to have their roots confined so a deep container would be perfect for its growth.

Nutrients and Fertilizers

Fertilizers are essential for the rapid growth of every plant and marijuana is no exception. Commercial soils usually contain enough nutrients to feed your plant for 3 weeks. But after the third week it is important that you regularly use fertilizers to nourish your marijuana plant.


A plants growth heavily depends on the amount of light it gets and the best source of light is the Sun. However, in countries like US where the sun is not so intense growers can use metal halides or high pressure sodium lamps which will help to give a higher yield. If your plant receives continuous 12 hours of light everyday it will mature in a period of 2 – 2.5 months. 16 hours of light can extend this period up to 3.5 – 4 months.


Proper watering is essential for the proper growth of marijuana. Water supplies in many cities are more laced with chemicals which can damage the plant. It is therefore important to remove the Chlorine content from the water before watering.


Ventilation is important to maintain the flow of fresh air and the room where you have planted the plants. You can create enough fresh air by opening the doors and windows of your room. By switching on the fan you can speed up the process which will eventually lead to a more productive output for you to harvest.

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