Marijuana Growing Kits

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Marijuana Growing Kits

Marijuana Growing Kits

Growing marijuana indoors has a lot of advantages and can yield you good results if you have the right marijuana growing kits. There are huge difference between growing marijuana indoors in an artificial environment and outdoor in a natural environment. However, if you have the right equipments you can grow marijuana that can yield you the same or even better results than that are cultivated outdoors.

There are a few basic marijuana growing kits that you should definitely acquire if you want to successfully cultivate this herb in an indoor environment.


Lighting is one of the cardinal elements for the success of your marijuana cultivation as all plants require light for photosynthesis. A high power sodium lamp usually between 400-600 watts will provide enough light for optimal results. Even metal halide bulbs can be used for such purposes which is as effective as sodium lamps. 12 hours of continuous light is required to give the best results within a short period of time. If the dosage of light per day is increased to more than 12 hours the blooming period will get postponed by more than one month.


You should get a fan and run 24 hours a day if possible for you if not try to run it for a longer duration. Along with a fan the plants should be provided with proper ventilation for oscillation of air, as circulation of fresh air is important for the plant’s growth. Without proper ventilation the pores of the leaves will get clogged and the leaves will die out. In other cases the stems of plants do not grow to become rigid as an indoor environment lacks natural wind and rain which usually makes the plant tough. This trait is however useful and more productive for growers as the plants uses all its energy to produce leaves and resins instead of stem.

Pot or Trays

Pot or trays are the most essential marijuana growing kit and forms the base on which the plant will grow and will be eventually ready for harvest. The size and type of pot decides the plants overall growth rate and health. The pot should be deep and large enough to give the plant enough space to grow. A cramped root system will hamper the plants growth due to which a deep pot is required. Moreover, the pot or tray also needs to be sterilized.


Soil is another essential ingredient for the success of marijuana cultivation. First of all the soil needs to be sterilized to prevent harboring of parasites which can harm the plant. Moreover, the soil needs to be drained well and should also have some amount of sand in it. Presence of humus in the soil is also important for retaining nutrients.

pH tester

A pH tester is required to test water and nutrients feed solutions. The pH should be ranging from 6.5 – 7.5 as marijuana plants do not perform well in acidic soil. High acidic content will make the plant grow into a male plant which will yield undesirable results.


Fertilizers are needed to maintain the proper growth of the marijuana plants. Usually the nutrient content of even most productive soil wears out within a certain period of time if it is in an indoor environment. It is therefore important to use fertilizers for enhancing the quick and healthy growth of the plants. However, it depends mostly up to you if you want to use organic or inorganic fertilizers.

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