What is the easiest way to grow marijuana?

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Earlier people used to grow marijuana along side with food in their garden. People used to make a lot of effort to grow marijuana earlier though the use of marijuana is prohibited some laws yet there are places where marijuana is allowed to be used for treating medical conditions. One should choose the best quality of seed in order to grow marijuana. Out of a pack of almost ten good breeding seeds choose the best female seed and place it with different male seeds. You must keep the seeds from each cross completely. From each of the generation of seeds keep some in store. Marijuana is pollinated by wind and is sometimes carried over long distances. With the legalization of hemp many problems has arisen for the growers.

Grow marijuana indoors.

One has to be very careful while growing marijuana especially when growing outdoors. Indoors there is no problem as one can keep an eye on the male seeds and can cover it with an enclosure of paper so that the pollen does not drift to other plants. One should avoid the common techniques of vegetable seed like collecting seed from many different plants or open pollination. One of the easiest ways to grow marijuana is to grow it indoors as there you can control the ambient conditions and it will be difficult to find the crop indoors.

Things to keep in mind

But even if you grow marijuana indoors then too you have to provide almost eight hours of light to it. You will have to buy sterilized soil and for each plant you have to give one cubic foot of soil. So that the light is reflected you can cover the walls of the room with foil paper. You should place the light source averagely twenty inches away from the plant. After taking these measures growing indoors will not be a problem.

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