Medical Marijuana Robbery Illustrates how Crime is Handled in a Legal System

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A marijuana courier was held at gunpoint and robbed of the marijuana he was delivering in Los Angeles. Amazingly, there is no retaliation mob hit planned.

Police and Marijuana

Anyone who objectively studies marijuana is forced to conclude that most of the societal problems are caused by prohibition, not marijuana. In an illegal marketplace people are denied the means of solving disputes that are normally available. When made available, people use a third neutral party to settle disputes namely, courts and lawyers. In the illegal drug market, participants revert to more primal means of settling disputes, survival of the fittest. Drug Cartel A and Drug Cartel B have a disagreement and the streets run red until one side either closes up shop or is wiped out. This is the image of the drug war that is plastered on headlines across America. Everyday we see stories like “Four Killed in Drug Related Gang Violence” or “Fifty People Killed in Juarez Mexico.” What never seems to be reported upon are situations like the one that recently happened in L.A.

A group of three criminals decided they wanted to still a load of high quality medical marijuana. They rented a space in an office building in Fullerton, California. Fullerton is a suburb of Los Angles, which like the rest of California, has legal medical marijuana. The crooks used an office space to set up a fake medical marijuana dispensary. They posted a green cross, a symbol that has been used by many medical marijuana dispensaries, on the door of the building. They then proceeded to place a large order of “inventory.” When the delivery man arrived with their product, he was hit in the back of the head with the butt of a gun. When he recovered, he was held at gunpoint and forced to give the men nine pounds of marijuana.

Police and Marijuana

So far this sounds like an all too common, black market story. But then something incredible happened. The marijuana delivery man did not get on the phone with his boss to have a hit called on the trio. The delivery man called the police. They showed up, analyzed the crime seen, took descriptions, and began a search for the crooks. The delivery man was probably given the rest of the day off to recover. It is also reasonable to guess when he got home he smoked some medical marijuana to recover from the blow to the head. The Fullerton Police have not yet apprehended the crooks.

When they are captured however, they will not be taken out back and shot. They will be given a trial and be allowed to defend themselves. This is the kind of miracle that can happen in a legal and regulated system. The crime associated with marijuana is not caused by the marijuana itself, but by its illegality. Tobacco is a far more dangerous drug the marijuana. Despite this when a tobacco farmer is not paid by his buyer, there is no call to the Don. The tobacco farmer called the local police and the matter is handled in the manner of a civil society. Of course, this is not the narrative you’ll hear in the main media who want people to believe that pot kills.

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