Mississippi Marijuana Laws

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Mississippi Marijuana

Mississippi Marijuana

Possessing, selling, cultivating and using marijuana drug is a crime in the US state called Mississippi. As per US marijuana laws, this drug is banned in all the US states, yet people do consume it, sell it and grow it. No matter in what form, marijuana if found used by any person can lead to severe punishments including imprisonment and fines. There are harsher penalties for different amount of consumption and usage of marijuana drug. Read on to acquaint yourself with Mississippi marijuana laws.

Penalties for Marijuana Possession & Usage in Mississippi

Marijuana is an illegal and harmful drug that is consumed in the form of smoke. It can lead to very severe side effects on the brain, heart, lungs and other body parts of the person who is addicted to this drug. A person found possessing or using marijuana can suffer from various penalties. When a person is found possessing or using 30g or less marijuana for the first time, he or she can be fined between $100 and $250. In fact, this is considered as misdemeanor and has no arrest.

Marijuana up to 250g possessed or used by anyone in Mississippi is called felony and can result into imprisonment for up to three years or a fine of up to $3,000. Possessing 250 to 500g of marijuana drug is also considered as felony and can result in penalties including two to eight years of imprisonment or a fine of up to $50,000. You must also know that 500g to 5kg marijuana drug in this US state can lead to 6 to 24 years of imprisonment or a heavy fine of up to $500,000.

People found guilty of possessing or using 5kg or more marijuana can also be penalized with 10 to 30 years of imprisonment or a fine of up to $1,000,000. Carrying 30g or even less amount of marijuana drug while driving or in a vehicle also leads to a strict penalty of up to 90 days in prison or a fine of $1,000.

Penalties for Marijuana Sale in Mississippi

Similar to Montana marijuana laws, Mississippi too has its own penalties for marijuana sale. A person found selling less than 1oz of this drug can be penalized with three years imprisonment or with a fine of $3,000. Selling 1oz to 1kg marijuana in this US state can lead to 20 years imprisonment or $30,000 fine. If a person is caught selling 1kg to 10lbs in Mississippi, then it is considered felony and can bring with itself 30 years of imprisonment or a fine ranging up to $1,000,000 for the seller.

More than 10lbs of marijuana when found sold in Mississippi leads to life sentence and variable fines. Selling marijuana to a minor in this state results to double fines. You must also remember that selling marijuana within 1,500 feet of school, church or other such areas can result into double penalty for incarceration or fines. Anyone over 21 years of age when found trafficking 10lbs or more amount of marijuana can result into 12 month imprisonment without parole.

So, now we assume that you have got adequate knowledge on Mississippi marijuana laws. However irrespective of the laws of the particular state it is always advisable to avoid getting addicted to such substances as they have long term ill effects on your health.

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