Nevada Marijuana Laws

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Nevada Marijuana Laws

Nevada Marijuana Laws

Dealing with a substance as hazardous as marijuana can involve various complications and if you are willing to take the plunge into this trade in the state of Nevada, then you must first know about Nevada marijuana laws and also other existing laws like Missouri marijuana laws, which will help you get legal information about the trade and if it is viable for you to deal with it. US marijuana laws are quiet stringent and in many states possession, cultivation, sales and distribution of marijuana is a criminal offence and can attract hefty penalties or imprisonment.

Medicinal use of Marijuana

Marijuana is used for both medicinal and non-medicinal purposes in the US and controlled usage for medicinal purposes is permitted up to an extent. 65% voters in the state of Nevada voted for decriminalization of medicinal usage of marijuana in 2000. On the other hand the state of Missouri has till now no medical marijuana laws. However, efforts are on the way to legalize the cultivation and usage of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Till now Missouri marijuana laws view all marijuana users as non-medicinal users.
Although Nevada marijuana laws now allows growing and using marijuana for patients, even they are not completely shielded from the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program and can be jailed if they grow too much of this substance. Apart from this Nevada prosecutes thousands of citizens for selling or smoking pot.

Non-Medicinal use of Marijuana

Nevada marijuana laws have decriminalized the possession and usage of a small amount of the substance for first and second time offenders. It can be said that the state has a lenient approach towards the possession and usage of marijuana by its citizens. However, possession of a large amount of this drug can invite harsh penalties ranging from fines and rehab sentence to a few years in jails and if the amount discovered is too high it can also invite life sentence.

The possession of less than 1 oz of marijuana for persons over the age of 21 years invites a fine of $600 which also includes rehab treatment if it is a first time offence. If the same offence is being repeated the same person will be fined upto $1000 along with rehab treatment. If the same is repeated for the third time it will be seen as a case of gross misdemeanor and will invite a fine of $2000 and a prison sentence for 1 year. Further if the person gets involved for the fourth time it will be seen as a Class E felony and the fine will amount to a total of $5000 and the prison sentence can range from 1-4 years.

Similarly Nevada marijuana laws also have various sentences for people indulging in either growing or selling this drug. The punishment may include fines ranging from $20,000 to $200,000 and a prison sentence ranging from 1 year to a whole life term. The punishment depends on the amount of marijuana involved in the trade. If the amount of marijuana is less than 100 pounds and the person is a first time offender then it invites the least penalty.

If the amount of substance is over 10,000 pounds it will attract the harshest punishment including a hefty amount as fine and life term. Similarly if a Non-US citizen is convicted committing any of the above crimes he/she will be immediately deported from the country.

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