New York Marijuana Laws

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New York Marijuana Law

New York Marijuana Laws

New York is one amongst a list of 12 states in the United States which have a lenient approach on people possessing marijuana for the first time. Marijuana laws are in place across all states in the USA and it varies in severity from one to another. Like Nevada, the state of New York goes soft on the usage of this drug if it is limited to a small amount and for personal and medicinal usage.

Although New York have a lax approach on marijuana possession, it still has the second highest arrest rate related to marijuana offences in the US. Since the year 1997 New York Police arrested 430,000 people (especially young) for possessing small amounts of marijuana, which gave it the name of marijuana arrest capital of the world. Another estimate puts New York’s production of marijuana at 90,000 pounds which equals to $750 million or even more. New York marijuana laws however have no regulations or penalties for people driving under the influence of this drug.

Penalties for Marijuana use in New York
There are various levels of penalties for the possession and use of marijuana according to New York marijuana laws. If someone is found with the possession of 25 grams or less of this substance it is considered as a civil infraction for the first time and is let off with a $100 fine and there is no rehab treatment involved. If the offence is repeated for the second time there is no extra penalty and the fine remains the same and there is no litigation involved. If the offence is repeated for the third time by the same individual then it is considered as a misdemeanor which invites a penalty of $250 and also a prison term of 5 days.

According to New York marijuana laws if a person possess 2-8 ounces of marijuana it is taken as a Class A misdemeanor and invites a penalty of $1000 along with a prison term for 1 year. Possession of marijuana above this amount would be considered as felony and punishment is awarded according to the amount of possession discovered at the time of arrest. Penalties in such cases can range from a fine of $1000 to $5000 and a jail term ranging from 1 year to 15 years. However, New York marijuana laws do not include any life term for the accused as it is in other states in the US.

Penalties for growing and selling Marijuana in New York
Sale or cultivation of marijuana is considered as a crime in the state of New York and according to New York marijuana laws there are various degree of punishments based on the amount of drug sold to another person. If a person is found selling 2 ounces or less of marijuana it will be considered to be a Class B misdemeanor which invites a jail term for 3 months and a fine of $500. Similarly selling 24 grams of this substance is considered a Class A misdemeanor for which the penalty is $1000 and 1 year of jail term. In severe cases like selling 10 pounds and more of this drug will be considered a Class C felony and the accused can face a jail term between 1-15 years and $5000 fine for the first offence. The sentence is between 6-15 years for the second offence. Moreover, New York marijuana laws prevents selling marijuana to minors and if done so this can invite a prison sentence between 1-7 years in prison and a fine of $5000. Taking a look at the severity of the penalties New York remains one of the state in US where the rules still goes soft on people dealing with marijuana.

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