Penalties For Possession Of Marijuana

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Penalties For Possession Of Marijuana

Penalties For Possession Of Marijuana

Marijuana is a harmful drug and is considered illegal at a federal level and anyone found using it in any form in many US states may be subjected to penalties and punishments. People often use terms like pot, weed, grass, Mary Jane, indo and hydro for marijuana.
Irrespective of the nomenclature, the drug attracts the same legal strictures, in a given geographical area and is subject to state laws. Since, marijuana abuse is on an increase in the US especially, there are strict USA marijuana laws. Read on to learn about the different penalties, punishment and USA marijuana laws in this article.

Possessing Marijuana is a Criminal Offense

For people who are not sure whether possessing marijuana is a criminal offense, let is inform you that possessing this drug is a criminal offense. As per Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, marijuana drug cultivation, possession and sale are considered asĀ  criminal offense. However, there are certain medical exceptions that are not subjected to criminal offense as per marijuana US laws.

Penalties for Marijuana Usage

Now, if you are interested to know what are the penalties for marijuana usage, then let us throw some light on it. Keep in mind that if a judge convicts you for marijuana usage for the first time, the maximum penalty can of a fine of $1000 or a 6 month imprisonment. However, this first time offence is very less and people are convicted on subsequent marijuana abuse charges that leads to heavy penalties like up to $50,000 fine and up to 10 years of imprisonment. In some US states the imprisonment can be also extended up to 99 years.

USA Marijuana Laws

It is also important to know that there are different USA marijuana laws for growing, selling and possessing this illegal drug. Remember that possessing marijuana is treated as Class A misdemeanor or a Class C felony in the US states. This penalty of possessing marijuana can result into a $2,000 fine and 1 year imprisonment. Growing even a single plant of marijuana can lead to a punishment in the form of a jail sentence and a fine. Selling this drug to a minor is penalized more than selling it to an adult in US.

US States with Marijuana Penalty Laws

Majority of the US states are up with strict marijuana penalty and punishments to defer the use of this illegal drug. Some such states are Texas, Washington, Virginia, Vermont, Missourti, Mississippi, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Montana and Tennessee. There are also different Idaho marijuana laws for people using marijuana in any form. All these US states have surveyed increase in marijuana usage and therefore they have agreed to follow these marijuana laws.

US States without Severe Marijuana Penalty Laws

Now, also read about certain US states that have been decriminalized or are without any strict penalty laws for marijuana abuse. These states include likes of Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, New York, Minnesota, Colorado, California, Maine along with Nebraska, Ohio, Oregon, North Carolina and Massachusetts are some of the US states that are lenient with first time possessors of marijuana drug.

So, now we assume that you have learnt enough on the penalties and punishments for possession of marijuana drug by reading this article.

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