Vermont Marijuana Laws

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Vermont Marijuana Laws

Vermont Marijuana Laws

US Marijuana laws are very strict and can lead to different types of penalties for the drug abuser, seller or cultivator. Be it Washington, Texas, Virginia, Wyoming or Vermont, there are different marijuana laws for each US state. The basic motive is to eradicate the usage of marijuana in all the forms from the US. Read on to learn about the Vermont marijuana laws regarding the selling, using and growing this harmful drug.

Vermont Marijuana Possession Penalty

Possessing marijuana in Vermont has severe penalties. Even if a person possesses as less as 2 oz of marijuana drug for the first time, he or she can be fined for 6 months or $500 in the form of misdemeanor. On the other hand, possessing the same amount of marijuana for the second time is considered as felony and result in to imprisonment of 2 years and a fine of $2,000. People possessing between 2 oz or 1lb of marijuana can face up to 3 years of imprisonment or a fine of up to $10,000. You must also remember that possessing 1lb to 10lbs of this harmful drug can lead to up to 5 years of imprisonment or a fine of $100,000. A person found possessing over 10lbs of marijuana can suffer from a imprisonment of 15 years or a fine of $500,000.

Vermont Marijuana Selling Penalty

Now, check out Vermont marijuana selling penalty laws. Similar to Wyoming marijuana laws, Vermont too punishes anyone who is found selling this drug. Selling even Ѕ oz of marijuana can lead to 2 years of imprisonment or a fine of $10,000, while selling up to 1lb of this drug is considered felony with a penalty of 5 years of imprisonment or a fine of $100,000. A person caught selling more than 1lb marijuana can face 15 years of imprisonment or a fine of $500,000. Selling marijuana to a minor in Vermont calls for a 5 years of imprisonment or a fine of $25,000. Selling marijuana within a school premise or property can lead to extended imprisonment of 10 years and other standard penalties.

Vermont Marijuana Growing Penalty

Growing or cultivating marijuana drug in Vermont state can call for other penalties. A person found cultivating between 3 to 10 plants of marijuana will be fines 3years of imprisonment or $10,000 in the form of felony. Growing 11 to 25 marijuana plats can lead to a penalty of 5 years of imprisonment or a fine of $100,000. You must also remember that cultivating more than 25 plants of marijuana can result in 15 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $500,000.

Vermont Marijuana Driving Penalty

People found driving under the influence of marijuana drug in Vermont can face different penalties and punishments. According DUID laws or Driving Under the Influence of Drugs Laws a person can be subjected to a long prison imprisonment and heavy fines. You may also be interested to know that the state of Vermont doesn’t subscribe any mandatory minimum sentence laws for marijuana offenses especially for the first time offenders.

So, now we assume that you have got acquainted with some essential Vermont marijuana laws.

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