Wyoming Marijuana Laws

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Wyoming Marijuana Laws

Wyoming Marijuana Laws

US marijuana laws in Wyoming are not so different than other US states.  Whether you know it or not, Marijuana is an illegal drug that is mostly consumed by the youth of the world. Different states and countries have different marijuana abuse laws. US marijuana laws in Wyoming are not so different than other US states. Read on to know about the Wyoming marijuana laws regarding the possession, usage, cultivation, sales and consuming marijuana drug.

Wyoming Marijuana Cultivation Laws

Cultivating marijuana drug in Wyoming has its own penalty laws. No matter, how much marijuana drug is cultivated by a person, he or she can be penalized for it. Growing this harmful drug is not less than consuming it. In fact, growing it in Wyoming is considered to be a misdemeanor. A person found cultivating marijuana drug can be fined up to $1,000 or can be imprisoned for six months. Thus one should not engage in cultivation of marijuana in this state.

Wyoming Marijuana Sales Laws

Then, there are different strict laws for marijuana selling in Wyoming. You will be shocked to know that cultivating or possessing marijuana are considered petty crimes in comparison to the marijuana selling in Wyoming. In fact, selling this drug in this US state is considered to be a felony offense. Even a small amount of marijuana drug when sold can lead to a 10 year imprisonment of the seller. Moreover, if marijuana drug is sold to a minor than the punishment is even severe and can lead to double penalty of the seller of marijuana. You must also know that selling marijuana within 500 feet of a school boundary in Wyoming can lead to mandatory two years of imprisonment.

Wyoming Marijuana Possession Laws

Just like Vermont marijuana laws, Wyoming marijuana laws regarding the possession of this drug can result in imprisonment or fine. A person possessing marijuana drug can face a maximum of 90 days imprisonment or a $100 fine. Possessing less than three ounces of this drug is considered to be a misdemeanor and can lead to a maximum of one year imprisonment or $1,000 fine. First time offense for selling marijuana can lead to more severe penalty. Possessing over 3 ounces of marijuana in Wyoming is considered felony and can result in penalty of up to five years if imprisonment or $10,000 fine.

Wyoming Marijuana Consumption Laws

It is also important to keep in mind that consuming marijuana drug in Wyoming calls for other strict penalties and punishment. Any person found driving under the influence of marijuana drug can lead to six months imprisonment or license revocation. A person found second time driving under the influence of marijuana can lead to mandatory seven days imprisonment and this can be up to 10 years imprisonment on the third time offense. Keep in mind that a person found guilty of driving under the influence of marijuana drug for the fourth time can face maximum sentence of two years.

Conditional Release from Penalty

There is only conditional release from the sentencing in marijuana drug abuse cases in Wyoming. The state allows conditional release or some alternative punishment from jail sentence for people punished by Wyoming marijuana laws.

So, now we assume that you have got a good knowledge about Wyoming marijuana laws regarding the possession, usage, sale, cultivation, consumption or other usage.

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