Agents Foil Smuggler’s Plan

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In Fronton, Texas border patrol agents seized nearly 600 pounds of marijuana.  Right around 3 p.m. agents assigned to the Rio Grande City station observed a maroon Chevrolet truck drive north into the community of Fronton.  The truck according to border patrol was going an excessive speed.  They found it parked outside a local residence.  Within the distance was an open shed behind the house where the truck was parked.  Agents discovered 25 bricks of marijuana in the shed and when attempting to get the driver of the truck he fled the scene.

DEA assumed custody of the narcotics after the truck was seized.  The acting Chief Patrol Agent, Ricardo E. Aguirre, said, “Although 600 pounds of marijuana do no appear to be a much significance, the value of these drugs is close to half a million dollars.”  The only reason they are worth so much is because you have a black market for them.  If we as a society were to legalize the drugs would be worth way less and you wouldn’t need to hide them in a shed.

Aguirre said, “U.S. Border Patrol gents of the Rio Grande Valley Sector are making an impact on drug smugglers and will continue to do so, even if it’s only a little bit at a time.”  I say what a waste of taxpayer money to have law enforcement seizing little amounts of a non-violent drug like marijuana when they can be out catching real criminals who deserve to be in prison.

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