Alarming Increase in Teen Pot Use In America

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There is an alarming increase in teen marijuana users in the last ten years according to a Partnership for a Drug Free America report. As compared to the previous 19%, at least 25% of teens today in grades between 9 and 12 say they have used marijuana in the past 30 days.

This clearly indicates that there is no effect whatsoever of the marijuana policies currently in place. These policies have not been effective in reducing marijuana usage in teens and it is clear that there is a need for a more stringent approach to the issue.

Marijuana today is controlled by uncertified drug dealers who sell this drug without checking IDs. This easy access to marijuana is a major issue arising due to the fact that it is totally unregulated. There is of course a simpler and easy solution to this. As early as possible, regulate and tax distribution of marijuana through authorized channels.

Marijuana must only be sold through merchants who are licensed and who check IDs before they sell the drug. If not, they must face harsh penalties. Both in America and overseas, a similar approach resulted in a drastic reduction of cigarette smoking among teens in the past two decades.

Today, the overall usage of marijuana in Netherlands is lesser than 50% of that in America according to a survey conducted by the World Health Organization in the year 2008. This is entirely due to the fact that marijuana is sold only at authorized establishments to adults who are required to show proof of age.

There is no doubt that in order to control marijuana usage among teens in America, it is vital to realize at the earliest that the need of the hour is not prohibition but regulation.

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