British Medical Journals called for the legalization of marijuana

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British Medical JournalsAuthoritative medical publications argued for the legalization of marijuana, according to The Daily Telegraph.
Article Professor, University of Melbourne (Melbourne University) Robin Ruma (Robin Room) was published in an editorial the October issue of British Medical Journal (“British Medical Journal).

In his article Rhum has criticized drug laws prohibiting the free sale of marijuana.
According to him, from 1981 to 2002 the volume of funds allocated by the U.S. government to fight drug trafficking has increased 18 times and reached $ 18 billion a year.

Despite this, the government failed to reduce illegal sales of cannabis. In particular, in the U.S. the number of arrests related to trafficking in marijuana, has risen from 350,000 in 1990 to 800,000 in 2006. The volume of withdrawn annually from criminals cannabis during this period has grown five times and reached 1.1 thousand tons.

Due to the low efficiency of efforts to combat the illegal trafficking of marijuana, Rum proposed to legalize its sale and establish the mechanisms necessary to state control in this sphere. As an example, he cited similar measures of supervision regarding the implementation of alcohol. According to scientists, government licensing, used in Canada and several countries in northern Europe, can provide cost effective and controlled sale of cannabis.

On Russian territory acquisition, stockpiling, production and sale of marijuana is a criminal offense. Tuesday, October 12 Chief Health Ministry psychiatrist Eugene Brune said the experience of drug use have 10-15 percent of Moscow schoolchildren and 30 per cent of students in metropolitan schools. “Everything starts with a bottle of beer and cigarettes, with soft drugs, and eventually comes to heroin,” – says Brune.


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  1. Timmothy says:

    The last section in this article is blasphemy. There are people who can manage themselves and not get into other, harsher drugs. The only time a drug is bad is when it becomes a problem, or addictive and physically or mentally hurts a person, and Cannabis does neither substantially.

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