British Police Were Guinea Pigs For Marijuana

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guinea pig or marijuana :)

guinea pig or marijuana :)

British police raided the garage of a resident of Bradford, which, as they felt growing marijuana. Nevertheless, says Metro, a narcotic plant they could not be found. Instead, they found marijuana in the garage of two Englishwomen in guinea pigs.

Six police officers arrived at the home of Pamela Hardcastle once did with the helicopter shots for her home – in the photo, made using thermography, law enforcement officials have noticed a kind of thermal equipment. The police came to the conclusion that it is used for cultivation of marijuana, and decided to conduct a search of Hardcastle.

According to the woman who came to her house the police asked her to open the garage door, and when she obeyed their orders, they saw an electric heater in the room and seated next to him in guinea pigs. It turned out that the heater Hardcastle put it to their pets – guinea pigs, and Simon Kenny.

“When the police saw the animals, they said nothing. They stood in a garage a couple of seconds and went away,” – said Hardcastle.

Police officials have apologized Pamela Hardcastle family, but stressed that such operations are important in the fight against drug trafficking.

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    What kind of broken English is this?

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    Do you speak english, was this written by a drunk chimp?

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    The second version (drunk chimp) is correct. )))

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    I found this news in english and then found this news in russian language ))) then i used Google translate (for russian version). Just for fun ))).

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