Cannabis in a Corn Farm near you

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For some farmers this year they are finding a different crop in their cornfields.  Small stashes of marijuana have been popping up in some fields, hidden from view, where the farmers are unaware.  The cannabis is left there to grow unfettered between tall rows of the corn.  Deputy Sheriffs say in the past couple of weeks they have received calls from farmers looking to get the drug off their property.

Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen said, “It’s not something that happens often, but when it does, it’s a nuisance for farmers.”  Some sheriffs even say they have calls from farmers who have found up to 20 marijuana plants stashed within their cornfield.

People like Fred Yoder have been on their farm even more so this year because of the hot, dry summer.  This type of weather helps the corn grower like Fred and in result has been finding more pot plants because the marijuana growers can’t pick up the plants in time.  Yoder said, “Normally the criminals get in and harvest the pot before the farmers get to their fields, but I guess they weren’t counting on farmers having and early harvest.”

Gene Smart found a large plot of marijuana in his cornfield and he expects to find more since it’s becoming more and more common every year.  He found the marijuana in little drinking cups planted between his cornrows.

Farmers are just tired of the marijuana growers using their fertilizer to grow an illegal crop.  So how about we just legalize marijuana since it is a crop, a cash crop at that, and then we can have real farmers growing their own product on their own land just like the corn growers.  If we did that it would be a win, win for everyone.

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