Effect of legalization – corporate pot in California

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California has been in the news for many cannabis related events. One major landmark in California’s journey regarding cannabis is the legalization of pot for medical purposes or medical marijuana as it is popularly know.

This legalization of cannabis in California has had some remarkable results. The drug reform movement hopes that legalizing marijuana will drive the drug cartels out of business. It will also ensure that many people who are in prison for smoking a joint will be let out. This in itself is a major gain for civil rights movements.

Yet another effect of legalization of cannabis use for medical purposes is the growth of what is now being called the corporate pot culture in California. With legal dispensaries stocking and retailing marijuana, the need to depend on illegal drug runners has dropped considerably. This has, in turn, lead to less crime in areas that allow people to use cannabis for medical purposes.

This is in sharp contrast to the high crime rates and drug related murders in areas that have yet to legalize cannabis for medical use.

Civil rights activists are of the opinion that even other hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin need to be allowed for medical use. This, they say, will reduce dependence on drug cartels that resort to other crimes as well.

By legalizing marijuana use for medical purposes, the government has got the shopkeepers and other lay people to accept those who dispense marijuana for medical use. Increased acceptance by people will lead to lower crime rates in the localities.

With corporates moving in where cartels operated before, the service has improved. So has accountability for the quality of marijuana supplied. These are all some of the positive benefits of legalizing medical pot in California.

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