MPP Chairman calls it quits

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Billionaire philanthropist, Peter Lewis, has said goodbye to the Marijuana Policy Project.  He has resigned as not only Chairman of the Board, but as the primary financial contributor.  After he resigned ten out of twenty-nine staff members were given their pink slip as well.

Rob Kampia, Executive Director, said, “The purpose of the downsizing was to ensure MPP’s long-term health and financial stability.”  Lewis has already assembled a panel that included some top executives from some credible sources, one of them being former Governor Bob Kerrey.

One person, Mike Meno, added that Lewis has already given $900,00 this year and will no longer be contributing.  He also stated that Allison Green, Kampia’s long-time chief of staff who helped found the organization, also resigned.

Kampia said that they have now gone back to the level they were at in 2004 when they had only six departments and about 19 staff members.  The revenues of MPP are about 2.3 million, which the executive director maintained.

We need more people in the fight, not less.  Layoffs are not the answer to problems.

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