Police bust Westbrook Man for Marijuana

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In Westbrook, Maine a man by the name of Robert Kelley was charged for operating a grow operation of marijuana in the wooded area in back of his house.  Kelley, 45,  was arrested for operating under the influence on September 30th, and was released from Cumberland County Jail on the conditions that he would submit to searches and a drug test.

When police arrived at Kelley’s house they found influence of prescription drugs, but more so the operation of marijuana in the woods behind his yard.  Just under 5 pounds of marijuana was found along with Suboxone and Clonazepam, said the Westbrook police.

Kelly is charged with a felony of trafficking in scheduled drugs, cultivating marijuana, and possession of schedule with drugs, possession of schedule z drugs and violation of conditional release.  He was then taken back to Cumberland County Jail.

If we legalize marijuana then people wouldn’t need to be involved with prescription drugs as much and therefore someone like Kelley would never have to go to jail.  Now of course ihis own stupidity got him involved in that mix-up in the first place.  He should have just stuck to something that’s is not harmful…marijuana!

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