Samsung heiress Indicted

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Lisette Lee, an heiress to the Samsung fortune, was caught flying marijuana to Ohio on a private jet.  She has done this trip about 12 times in total and has been charged in a federal indictment on drug charges.  A grand jury charged Lee with 12 counts of marijuana possession of 100 kilograms, plus the intent to distribute.  They also charged her with one count of conspiring with others to distribute the marijuana.

Five other people were also charged, two were with Lee when she was arrested.  The U.S. DEA met Lee on the runway when her private jet landed on June 14th at Lane Aviation at Port Columbus.  13 suitcases were taken off the plane, which contained more than 500 pounds of marijuana.

Lee has remained in jail since her arrest in June while her attorney’s investigate her claims that she was an heiress to the Samsung Electronics fortune on her mother’s side and an heiress of the Sony fortune on her father’s side.

This is just another reason to legalize marijuana.  Think of all the money wasted on this arrest between the police and the courts.  There would have been no endangerment if it was legal.  Lee would have never had to fly to Ohio to sell the drug.   She could have opened a legitimate business where she wouldn’t have to endanger people.

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