True potency of Cannabis and why laws need to change

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John McKay, Seattle’s former U.S. attorney, is not a pot smoker and definitely thinks people who do smoke pot are idiots.  One thing he does agree with pot smokers about is that the policy is wrong, has failed, and has put the public in danger.  He asks, “What should be done?”

First – there has to be an examination of true public-safety danger posed to millions and millions of Americans by criminalizing this drug.  The prohibition of Marijuana has failed and its time for a new policy to be crafted by informed policymakers and with those in law enforcement who have risked their lives battling the drug cartels and gangs.

Second – we should study and disclose the real health risks of prolonged used, including its influences and effect it has on the younger generations.  We can start by acknowledging our faults that our 1930s-era of marijuana prohibition was overkill.

Third – heavy regulation and taxation of the marijuana industry needs to be seriously considered.  The underground of this industry is real and dangerous to our public.  We should regulate pot’s content of the active ingredient THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and regulate the sale to adults who want it and maintain the law for criminal penalties for drivers, sales, possession under 21 to minors.

To protect our families from truly dangerous drugs, drug cartels, gangs in our society law enforcement will still need to be well equipped and staffed to accomplish the transition.  This is well known just like when law enforcement was chasing bootleggers and mobsters back in alcohol prohibition times.

Our policies now directly threaten our public safety and rest upon false medical assumptions, but our national laws are now in conflict with state laws, including Washington State.  The policies have failed to address the true health threat posed by its use; due to these laws in place.

Congress has failed to recognize what many already know; is that marijuana prohibition has utterly failed.  The demand for this drug by millions of Americans has outpaced law enforcement in every way.  Known as a “Schedule One” drug alongside heroin is ridiculous and since so many people use pot regularly the drug cartel and street gangs work very hard to reap the profits.

One thing that everyone can agree with is that there needs to be new laws and regulations put in place so that the public can be safe when using this drug specifically.  It is a long overdue process that Congress needs to address legally!

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