Two Marijuana Grows in Washington

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In Spokane a deadly officer involved shooting in broad daylight lead investigators to a home about ten blocks from the scene where a marijuana grow was found.  The shooting happened around 3pm on Friday at the intersection of Monroe and Indiana.

What happened was a man got out of his truck and started firing his firearm in the air and at police officers.  The authorities on the scene at the time shot and killed the man.  Investigators said that the suspect shot his weapon at his father in West Buckeye home just before the shooting.  Neighbors told police that neither the father nor the son lives at the home.

Later that night at the home authorities made the shocking discovery when they pulled four burlap sacks full of marijuana from inside.  The street value of the marijuana was estimated at $100,000.  Detectives then searched the suspect’s home on East 14th and found another marijuana grow there as well.  No arrests have been made, but police are asking for anyone with contact information to come forward.  I would never turn someone in if they had a marijuana grow because police shouldn’t be worried about that.  They should just be concerned why the man was shooting instead.

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